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Language References

DHTML Reference of Gecko (Mozilla and Firefox)

Under you can find the reference of the Mozilla DHTML objects.

You can download this as zipped HTML under or as PDF under

DHTML Reference of Microsoft Internet Explorer

To get the DHTML object-reference for the Internet Explorer open the page and navigate to the menu item Web Development - HTML and Dynamic HTML - SDK-Documentation - Reference.

Under Web Development - Cascading Style Sheets you can find a CSS reference.

Under Web Development - Scripting - Documentation - Windows Script Technologies - JScript - Reference you can find a reference of the language JScript. JScript is the Microsoft implementation of JavaScript.

Under Web Development - HTML-Applications you can find a reference on how to create stand alone HTML applications for Windows.

Under Web Development - Scripting - Documentation - Windows Script Technologies - Script Runtime - FileSystemObject Object you can find a reference of the FileSystemObject. You can use the FileSystemObject to access the local file system from stand-alone applications.

DHTML Reference of Opera

For the functions that are supported in Opera 7 see


On the website you can find tutorials for HTML, DHTML, CSS and Java Script.


SELFHTML is a cross browser reference for HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. While originally created in German, it is translated to France, Spanish, Japanese and English. You can find it at

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Below you will find resources with tools. You may use the tools to edit the HTML, the Java Script and the images of your application.


Artweaver is an excellent amateur freeware graphic editor, which has its focus on creative painting. For Windows only.

The Gimp

The Gimp is the most famous open source graphic editor for Linux and Windows. You may download it from


Inkscape is a very good open source scalable vector graphics editor. You can download it from


ImageMagick is an API and a set of command line programs, which are used to modify images. You need to install ImageMagick in order to use the Macao tool Rotate. You can download ImageMagick from


JDraw is a nice little pixel editor for GIF and PNG images. You can use it to create GIF-animations. You can download it from You have also to download the fitting Java runtime environment from

Starting it is a little tricky. I used a .bat file in the JDraw-directory with the line:

C:\j2sdk1.4.1_02\bin\java -jar jdraw_jdk1.4.jar JDraw


JEdit is an open source editor written in Java. You can use it to edit HTML and Java Script. It has many plugins for several purposes. You can download jEdit from The plugins are downloaded via the Plugin Manager of the editor.


Notepad++ is another open source editor for several programming languages. You can find it at

Open Office Draw

The drawing editor of Open Office is a nice tool to create images of simple 3D objects.


Png2ico is a nice little tool, which you can use to create a favicon for your homepage or an icon for your Windows programm. You can find the tool at


Proton is a programmer's text editor for Windows. It's available in English and German language. You can download it from


The Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project contains several tools for development including JavaScript development. It might be a little over sized for JavaScript development and it's not easy to install, even if you can use the Eclipse update manager. But it's the only open source editor for object oriented JavaScript programming that I know. By the way, I use my own self made editor. See

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