Macao - The Web Animation Framework

Macao is a framework based on JavaScript and DHTML for building animated interactive homepages and applications. You can use Macao to enrich your homepage, to build graphic adventures, card games and other puzzle games. A Macao page can be hosted on any static Web server. It can also be run from the local file system.

Macao is built as simple as possible. It comes with a Tutorial and a complete API Documentation. The Macao SDK includes a road editor and other useful tools. Macao comes under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

      Call for Links      

If you have a website online based on Macao, please send me a link. I would like to list a few reference sites here. Please send the URL of your page and a short description to petrau at

Macao 1.2 Released - Bringing a Module for Card Games

Macao 1.2 has been released. The new version includes a module for card games. Try out the example game Macao Solitaire (German Cards). Read the tutorial chapter eleven on how to create your own card game. It's quite simple. The solitaire game consists of only about 600 lines of code (not including the internationalization and the win animation).

This version of Macao has significant better performance. The support for Drag & Drop of Macao objects has been improved. For a complete list of changes see the ChangeLog.

Discover Logo

Discover Macao is the Online Demo application. Click on your language flag to explore the opportunities of Macao.

Demo Apps
The web hosting of this site sometimes has poor performance. If the demo applications are loading slowly, please be patient or come back later. Or you can download Macao and use it locally.

Because this is only a demo, it has no real story. What you can do here is: Drive the car to the parking lots, talk to the fairy at the pond, take a walk in the autumn forest and visit the Doc's office.

You need to activate JavaScript to try out this demo.
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Call for Links
If you have a website online based on Macao, please send me a link. More
Macao tested with Opera 9
One issue was found. A patch is available. More
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Macao 1.2 Released
The new version brings a module for card games, better support for Drag & Drop and better performance.
Interesting Tools
New links to interesting tools (Notepad++, png2ico, WTP) have been added to the links page.